DRAMATIC WORKS Heinemann 1931-1934
Stott B1
Each volume has a new preface by Maugham.
Vol. I. Lady Frederick; Mrs. Dot; Jack Straw, 1931, dustjacket.
Vol. II. Penelope; Smith; The Land of Promise, dustjacket. Reprint.
Vol. III. Our Betters; The Unattainable; Home and Beauty, 1932, dustjacket.
Vol. IV. The Circle; The Constant Wife; The Breadwinner, 1932, dustjacket.
Vol. V. Caesar's Wife; East of Suez; The Sacred Flame, 1934, dustjacket.
Vol. VI. The Unknown; For Services Rendered; Sheppey, 1934.

NON-DRAMATIC WORKS Heinemann 1934-1969
Stott B2
The Painted Veil, 1934. Last paragraph edited.
Of Human Bondage, 1942. Dustjacket.
The Narrow Corner, 1951. Dustjacket. Signed by Maugham and inscribed "For Fay Hodges,
a Christmas present from her brother David." Two letters laid in, one from Alan Searle on
Dorchester notepaper and one from Godrey Winn on Woman's Illustrated notepaper.
On a Chinese Screen, 1957. Dustjacket.
The Magician, 1956. Dustjacket. (A11e)
The Explorer, 1967. Dustjacket.
The Merry-G0-Round, 1969. Dustjacket.

East and West
Doubleday Doran 1934, dustjacket, Stott B3

Heinemann 1934, Stott B4
Contains an interesting 26 page preface by Maugham on the art of the short story
and references to the influence of Guy de Maupassant on his work.
Also contains the "Appreciation" by Desmond MacCarthy (F37).

TAUCHNITZ EDITION 1922-1940 Stott B5
The Trembling of a Leaf, 1922
The Painted Veil, 1925
The Casuarina Tree, 1929
Ashenden, 1928. Cloth issue.
Cakes and Ale, 1931
The Moon and Sixpence, 1932
First Person Singular, 1932
The Narrow Corner, 1933
Ah King, 1934
Don Fernando, 1936
Lady Frederick; Mrs. Dot; Jack Straw, 1933
Penelope; Smith; The Land of Promise, 1934
Our Betters; The Unattainable; Home and Beauty, 1934
The Circle; The Constant Wife; The Breadwinner, 1934

THE COLLECTED WORKS 1936-1938 Stott B6
Heinemann Pocket edition
The Narrow Corner, June 1936
The Trembling of a Leaf, June 1936
The Gentleman in the Parlour, June 1936
The Painted Veil, June 1936
First Person Singular, June 1936
On a Chinese Screen, 1936, dustjacket
Ashenden, July 1936
Liza of Lambeth, July 1936
Ah King, July 1936
Don Fernando, July 1938, dustjacket
Mrs. Craddock, July 1938

"A beautiful little edition in green smooth cloth, that has become very scarce". Stott B6 notes.
Gilt stamped with Maugham's signature on upper board.

PENGUIN BOOKS 1944-1970 Stott B7
The Moon and Sixpence, 1945
Cakes and Ale, 1948
The Painted Veil, 1952
The Summing Up, 1963
The Narrow Corner, 1963
The Razor's Edge, 1963
Of Human Bondage, 1963
Liza of Lambeth, 1967
A Writer's Notebook, 1967
Mrs. Craddock. 1967
Christmas Holiday, 1967
Then and Now, 1967
The Magician, 1967
Theatre, 1967
Up at the Villa, 1967
Catalina, 1967
The Explorer, 1969
Collected Short Stories, 4 vols, 1963
Selected plays, 1963

Sheppey, 1948
The Circle, 1948
The Breadwinner,1948
Lady Frederick, 1948
The Letter, 1948
The Constant Wife, 1948
For Services Rendered, 1948
Home and Beauty, 1951

HERON BOOKS 1967-1969
Stott B9
Uniformly bound in navy blue simulated calf, blocked in gold.
Each volume illustrated by a different artist.
Liza of Lambeth/On a Chinese Screen
Of Human Bondage
The Moon and Sixpence
Cakes and Ale
The Explorer/The Land of the Blessed Virgin
The Mixture As Before
Creatures of Circumstance
The Razor's Edge
The Painted Veil
The Merry-Go-Round
The Vagrant Mood/Ten Novels and their Authors
Ah King
A Writer's Notebook
The Narrow Corner/The Casuarina Tree
First Person Singular
Up at the Villa/Don Fernando
Mrs. Craddock
The Summing Up (missing from Stott)
Christmas Holiday
The Magician/The Gentleman in the Parlour
Catalina/Then and Now
The Trembling of a Leaf
Points of View/Selected Prefaces (missing from Stott)
Plays in Three Volumes

Six Comedies
Garden City Publishing Company, Inc. 1937, dustjacket, Stott B10
The Unattainable and Home and Beauty appear for the first time in the U.S.
Also contains a 6 page preface by Maugham

The Favourite Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham
Doubleday Doran 1937, dustjacket, Stott B11

The Round Dozen
Reprint Society 1939, dustjacket, Stott B12

The Somerset Maugham Sampler
Garden City Publishing 1943, dustjacket, Stott B13

Here and There
Heinemann 1948, dustjacket, Stott B14
The Reprint Society of Canada 1948, Heinemann sheets with a new title page, dustjacket. Not in Stott.
This edition has the author's name spelled "Maughan" on the dustjacket spine.

East of Suez: Great Stories of the Tropics
Avon 1948, Stott B15

The Maugham Reader
The Villa Mauresque Edition, a Presentation Edition, Not for Sale,
with a reproduction of Maugham's letter to
booksellers, Doubleday 1950, dustjacket, Stott B16
Trade edition, Doubleday 1950, dustjacket, Stott B16

The Complete Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham

Three volumes, Heinemann 1951, dustjackets, Stott B17

The Collected Plays of W. Somerset Maugham
Three volumes, Heinemann 1952, dustjackets, Stott B18

The World Over
Doubleday 1952, dustjacket, Stott B19

The Complete Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham

Doubleday 1952, two volumes in a slipcase, Stott B20

The Selected Novels of W. Somerset Maugham
Vol. I, Heinemann 1959, dustjacket, Stott B21
Vol. II, Heinemann 1957, dustjacket, Stott B21
Vol. III, Heinemann 1957, dustjacket, Stott B21

The Partial View
Heinemann 1954, dustjacket, Stott B22

Mr. Maugham Himself
Doubleday 1954, dustjacket, Stott B23

The Art of Fiction
Doubleday 1955, dustjacket, Stott B24

The Travel Books
Uncorrected proof, Heinemann 1955, wrappers, Stott B25
Heinemann 1955, dustjacket, Stott B25
In this copy the signatures have been bound out of sequence.

The Best Short Stories of Somerset Maugham

The Modern Library, 1957, dustjacket, Stott B26

The Kite and Other Stories
Heinemann 1963, Stott B27
Introduction by Ian Serraillier

Husbands and Wives
Pyramid Books 1963, pictorial wrappers, Stott B28

The Sinners
Pyramid Books 1964, pictorial wrappers, Stott B29

Selected Prefaces and Introductions
Doubleday 1963, dustjacket, Stott B30
Heinneman 1964, uncorrected proof in wraps, not in Stott
Heinneman 1964, dustjacket, Stott B31

A Maugham Twelve. Selected by Angus Wilson
Heinemann 1966, dustjacket, Stott B32

Cakes and Ale and Twelve Short Stories
Doubleday 1967, dustjacket, Stott B33

Essays on Literature.
New English Library 1967, Stott B34

Maugham's Malaysian Stories. Selected by Anthony Burgess
Heinemann Asia 1969, pictorial wrappers, Stott B35

Seventeen Lost Stories
Doubleday 1969, dustjacket, Stott B36

A Baker's Dozen
Heinemann 1969, dustjacket, Stott B37
Published to coincide with the BBC Television series.

A Second Baker's Dozen
Heinemann 1970, dustjacket, Stott B38
Published to coincide with the second BBC Television series.

Four Short Stories
Hallmark 1970, dustjacket, Stott B39


The Casuarina Tree, 1928.
Liza of Lambeth, 1930. (See A1e)
The Gentleman in the Parlour, 1932, signed by Maugham and inscribed
"For Nancy McCarthy, W. Somerset Maugham."

Doubleday, Doran, 1935
Matt black cloth stamped in goldÐ
Of Human Bondage
The Moon and Sixpence
The Trembling of a Leaf
The Painted Veil
The Gentleman in the Parlour
Cakes and Ale
First Person Singular
The Narrow Corner
Ah King
Plays (The Circle, The Letter, The Constant Wife)

65 Short Stories
Octopus Heinemann 1976, dustjacket

30 Great Short Stories
Octopus 1984, dustjacket

A Traveller in Romance, Uncollected Writings 1901-1964
Edited by John Whitehead
Clarkson N. Potter 1984, dustjacket

Short Stories
Folio Society 1985, slipcase

The Three Fat Women of Antibes
Separate edition, Redpath Press 1987

Appointment (Based on "Appointment in Samarra" from Sheppey, A47)
Separate edition, Green Tiger Press 1993, illustrated by Roger Essley