Georgian Stories of 1922
First edition, Putnam's 1923, dustjacket, not in Stott
Reprints Rain from The Trembling of a Leaf, 1921 (A25). Photo portrait of Maugham by E. O. Hoppe.

The Best British Short Stories of 1924
First American edition, Small, Maynard & Co. 1925, dustjacket, Stott C2
Reprints In A Strange Land from Cosmopolitan, February 1924 (D42). First appearance in book form.
Later appeared in Cosmopolitans, 1936 (A50)

The Book of the Queen's Dolls' House Library. Edited by E. V. Lucas
First edition, #913 of a limited edition of 1500, Methuen 1924, Stott C3
Reprints The Princess and the Nightingale from Pearson's Magazine, December 1922 (Stott D34). First appearance in book form.
Also contains a facsimile of one page of the miniature book which was entirely handwritten by Maugham for Queen Mary's
dolls' houseÐ "But the Princess September ran through all the rooms of the palace, singing like a lark, while the little bird flew round &..."

The World's Best Short Stories of 1925
First edition, Doran 1925, Stott C5
Reprints The Letter from Hearst's International, April 1924 (D46). First appearance in book form.

Georgian Stories of 1926
First edition, Putnam's 1926, dustjacket, Stott C6
Reprints An Honest Woman from Cosmopolitan, December 1925 (D62). First appearance in book form. Later retitled
The Promise in Cosmopolitans, 1936 (A50). Photo portrait of Maugham by Beck and MacGregor.

My Favorite Story
First edition, International Magazine Co. 1928, dustjacket, not in Stott
Reprints Red from The Trembling of a Leaf, 1921 (A25). In a short introduction, Maugham tells why he chose this story.
Photograph portrait of the author by Sherril Schell.

First edition, Scribner's 1929, dustjacket, Stott C8
Reprints End of the Flight from Harper's Bazaar, January 1926 (D62a). First appearance in book form.
Later appeared in Cosmopolitans, 1936 (A50)

Our Puppet Show
First American edition, Harper Bros. 1929, dustjacket, Stott C9
Preface by Maugham

Gallery Unreserved. By A Galleryite (Fred Bason)
First edition, Heritage 1931, Stott C11
Foreword by Maugham

A Bibliography of the Writings of William Somerset Maugham. Frederick T. Bason
Limited edition, The Unicorn Press 1931, blue cloth gilt stamped, bevelled boards, uncut and unopened,
#44 of 50 copies signed by Maugham, Stott C12
First edition, The Unicorn Press 1931, red cloth stamped in gilt and blind, uncut and unopened, #364 of 950, Stott C12
Preface by Maugham. Inscribed by Bason "A lover of good books away out in California is going to have this humble guide
to a lot of splendid books. I hope it proves a good guide. Yours sincerely Fred. T. Bason in London." Two typos corrected in
Bason's hand in the margin "*2 slips my fault! FB."
Another copy #248 of 950

Favorite Stories by Famous Writers
First edition, International Magazine Company 1932, dustjacket, Stott C14
First publication in book form of The Right Thing is the Kind Thing from Cosmopolitan, July 1931(D93) later retitled The Back
of Beyond and slightly revised in Ah King 1933 (A46). Contains a photograph of the author by Sherril Schell.

The Travellers' Library
First edition, Doubleday Doran 1933, dustjacket, Stott C15
With an Introduction and commentaries by Maugham

Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Souvenir programme of a tribute to Marie Tempest 1935, Stott C18
Contains First Rehearsal by Maugham

Portraits and Self-portraits
First edition, Houghton, Mifflin 1936, dustjacket, Stott C19
Pencil portraits of well known writers of the time. Beside his portrait Maugham has written a one paragraph description of
himself and his approach to work and life.

W. Somerset Maugham: An Appreciation. By Richard Aldington
First edition, Doubleday Doran 1939, Stott C25
Contains "Sixty-Five", an essay on age by Maugham

Tellers of Tales
First edition, Doubleday Doran 1939, dustjacket, Stott C26
With a 27 page Introduction by Maugham

An Appeal for the Hospitals
Bundles for Britain, WWII exhibition catalogue, 1941. One page appeal by Maugham for charitable contributions to
British hospitals damaged in the war, illustrated by James Montgomery Flagg. Not in Stott.

Peter Arno's Cartoon Revue
First edition, Simon & Schuster 1941, Stott C28
With a foreword by Maugham

Introductions to Modern English and American Literature
Reprint, The New Home Library 1943, dustjacket, Stott C30
With an Introduction and commentaries by Maugham

The English Spirit
First edition, George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 1942, dustjacket, Stott C33
The collection of talks in this book were broadcast by the Empire Service of the BBC.
Twenty Days in a Ship, a talk given by Maugham.

Dorothy Parker
First edition, Viking 1944, dustjacket, Stott C34
With an Introduction by Maugham

The Standard Book of Bidding
First edition, Doubleday Doran 1944, dustjacket, Stott C35
With an Introduction by Maugham

The Magician. Frank Bruno
First edition, Viking Press 1946, dustjacket, not in Stott
With an Introduction by Maugham

Paul Gauguin. Raymond Cogniat
Art catalogue, Wildenstein & Co. April 1946, pictorial wraps, not in Stott
With an Introduction by Maugham

Ten Novels Selected, Edited and Introduced by W. Somerset Maugham
First editions, John C. Winston & Co. Dustjackets.
The History of Tom Jones by Henry Fielding, 1948. Stott C36
David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, 1948. Stott C37
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, 1949. Stott C38
Old Man Goriot by Honor? de Balzac, 1949. Stott C39
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, 1949. Stott C40
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, 1949. Stott C41
The Red and the Black by Stendhal, 1949. Stott C42
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, 1949. Stott C43
Moby Dick by Herman Melville, 1949. Stott C44
War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, 1949. Stott C45

Writing For Love or Money
First edition, Longmans, Green 1949, dustjacket, Stott C46
Reprints How I Write Short Stories from Saturday Review of Literature (D101)

Nelson Doubleday, 1889-1949
First edition, Privately Printed 1950, glassine dustjacket, Stott C47
With a contribution by Maugham

Essays by Divers Hands
First edition, Oxford University Press 1950, dustjacket, Stott C49
Contains The Short Story by Maugham. Signed by another contributor, Gordon Ray.

The Little Fellow
First edition, Paul Elek 1951, dustjacket, Stott C50

A Choice of Kipling's Prose
First edition, Macmillan & Co. 1952, dustjacket, Stott C51
With an Introductory Esssay by Maugham

Maugham's Choice of Kipling's Best
First edition, Doubleday Doran 1953, Dustjacket, Stott C52
With an Introduction by Maugham

The Rationalist Annual
First edition, Watts & Co. 1954, Dustjacket, not in Stott
Reprints The Judgement Seat

The Memoirs of Aga Khan. World Enough and Time.
First edition, Cassell 1954, dustjacket, Stott C56
With an Introduction by Maugham

The Artist and the Theatre
First edition, Heinemann 1955, Stott C57
With an Introduction by Maugham

Letters from Madame Sevigne
First edition, Secker & Warburg 1955, dustjacket, Stott C58
With a preface by Maugham

A Comprehensive Exhibition of the writings of W. Somerset Maugham
Drawn from various private collections and libraries.
With a preface by the author.
First edition, Stanford University Press 1958, light blue cloth, spine stamped in gold, 1000 issued, Stott C60
First edition, Stanford University Press 1958, wrappers issue, 1000 issued, Stott C60

The Cassell Miscellany
First edition, Cassell & Co. Ltd. 1958, dustjacket and box, Stott C61
Contains The Mother, reprinted from Story Teller, April 1909 (D18)
A rewritten version appears in Creatures of Circumstance, 1947 (A66)

Vanity Fair
The Viking Press 1960, dustjacket, Stott C62
On the Approach of Middle Age reprinted from Vanity Fair magazine, December 1923

Sotheby's Sale of Pictures
Catalogue of the Collection of Impressionist and Modern Paintings formed by W. Somerset Maugham
Sotheby & Co. 1962, Stott C63
With a preface by Maugham