How to Write a Novel! After W.S. Maugham. By "Oliver Haddo" (Aleister Crowley)
Photocopy of the article in Vanity Fair, December 30, 1908.
Crowley seeks revenge for Maugham's portrait of him in "The Magician" by accusing
him of plagiarism and showing examples from various books to prove his case.

Into the Sea of the Moon and Sixpence. By Herbert Howe. Shadowland. June 1921. Not in Stott

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Somerset Maugham Visits U.S. After Fleeing Conquered France. Life. 2 December 1940. Stott G51

The Art of Somerset Maugham. The Saturday Review. June 27, 1942. Not in Stott
A review of The Hour Before the Dawn by R. Ellis Roberts

W. Somerset Maugham: His attitude toward the drama and his dictum on the theatre.
Sewell Stokes. Theatre Arts. February 1945. Stott G60

The Mysterious Mr. Maugham. The Saturday Review. July 26, 1947. Not in Stott
A review of Creatures of Circumstance by Harrison Smith

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Also contains a full page ad for the Doubleday publication. Not in Stott

Maugham at Eighty. Frank Swinnerton. The Saturdy Review. January 23 1954. Not in Stott

He Shook Our Morals. An interview with Somerset Maugham by Wilfred Altman. Books and Bookmen. January 1956.
Colour photograph of Maugham on the cover. Not in Stott

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Reprinted from the The Maugham Enigma published by Citadel, 1954.

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Reprinted from the booklet Somerset Maugham, An Appreciation: published by Doubleday, 1939.

Somerset Maugham ouvre sa maison nos lecteurs. Roderick Cameron. L'Oeil. October 1958. Not in Stott
Eight page article on the Villa Mauresque with fourteen photographs of the house, furnishings and works of art.

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Look, 18 October 1966. Stott G168

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A brief biography by Lew Thomas with a UK bibliography/price guide

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Seven-page article on Maugham's early works with a few illustrations.

William Somerset Maugham. Firsts magazine. March 1999. Bibliography and biography compiled by Henry Toledano.
Illustrated with photographs of some pieces from the Norman Moore Collection. Very informative on the subject of
dustjackets but with a few important editions missing from the bibliography and a couple of errors in the biography.