The Magician. Metro Goldwyn 1926. Directed by Rex Ingram. Starring Paul Wegener and Alice Terry.

Sadie Thompson. United Artists 1928. Directed by Raoul Walsh. Starring Gloria Swanson, Raoul Walsh and
Lionel Barrymore.

Rain. Atlantic Pictures 1932. Directed by Lewis Milestone. Starring Joan Crawford and Walter Huston.

The Narrow Corner. Warner Bros. 1933. Directed by Alfred E. Green. Screenplay by Robert Presnell.
Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Patricia Ellis, Ralph Bellamy, Dudley Digges and Sidney Toler.

The Painted Veil. 1934. Directed by Richard Boleslawski. Starring Greta Garbo, Herbert Marshall and George Brent.

Of Human Bondage. RKO Pictures 1934. Directed by John Cromwell. Screenplay by Lester Cohen.
Starring Bette Davis and Leslie Howard.

The Secret Agent. 1936. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Starring John Gielgud and Peter Lorre.

The Beachcomber. 1936. Directed by Erich Pommer. Screenlay by Bartlett Cormack.
Starring Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester.

The Moon and Sixpence. 1940. Directed by Albert Lewin. Screenplay by Albert Lewin.
Starring George Sanders, Doris Dudley and Herbert Marshall.

The Letter. United Artists 1940. Directed by William Wyler. Screenplay by Howard Koch. Starring Bette Davis and
Herbert Marshall.

Christmas Holiday. Universal 1944. Directed by Robert Siodmak. Screenplay by Herman Mankiewicz.
Starring Gene Kelly and Deanna Durbin.

The Razor's Edge. Twentieth Century Fox 1946. Directed by Edmund Goulding. Screenplay by Lamar Trotti.
Starring Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, Ann Baxter and Herbert Marshall.

Quartet. Gainsborough Pictures 1948. Produced by Antony Darnborough. The Facts of Life directed by Ralph Smart,
The Alien Corn directed by Harold French, The Kite directed by Arthur Crabtree and The Colonel's Lady directed by
Kenneth Annakin. Featuring Mai Zetterling, Dirk Bogarde, Cecil Parker and Nora Swinburn

Trio. Gainsborough Pictures 1950. Produced by Antony Darnborough. The Verger and Mr. Know-All directed by Ken
Annakin, Sanatorium directed by Harold French. Featuring Jean Simmons, Michael Rennie, Wilfred Hyde-White,
Kathleen Harrison and Nigel Patrick.

Encore. Two Cities/J. Arthur Rank 1952. Produced by Antony Darnborough. The Ant and the Grasshopper directed by
Harold French, Gigolo and Gigolette directed by Pat Jackson, Winter Cruise directed by Anthony Pelissier. Featuring
Glynis Johns, Kay Walsh, Nigel Patrick, Roland Culver, Noel Purcell and Ronald Squire.

Dirty Gertie from Harlem. 1946. Directed by Spencer Williams. Based on "Rain." All black cast.

Of Human Bondage. Aired live by CBS-TV on November 21, 1949 on their popular Westinghouse Studio One show.
Live television dramatization starring Charlton Heston, Felicia Montealegre, and Guy Sorel.

Miss Sadie Thompson. Columbia Pictures 1953. Directed by Curtis Bernhardt. Starring Rita Hayworth and Jose Ferrer.

Three Cases of Murder (Lord Mountdrago). London Films 1953. Directed by Wendy Toye. Starring Orson Welles.

The Beachcomber. J. Arthur Rank 1955. Directed by Muriel Box from a screenplay by Sydney Box and starring
Glynis Johns, Robert Newton and Donald Sinden. A British remake of the 1936 film.

Of Human Bondage. MGM 1964. Directed by Kenneth Hughes. Screenplay by Bryan Forbes.
Starring Laurence Harvey and Kim Novak.

Adorable Julia (Theatre). France 1963. Directed by Alfred Weidenmann. Starring Charles Boyer and Lilli Palmer.

The Razor's Edge. Columbia Pictures 1983. Directed by John Byrum. Screenplay by Bill Murray and John Byrum.
Starring Bill Murray, Catherine Hicks, Theresa Russell, Denholm Elliott and James Keach.

Overnight Sensation. Pyramid 1984, 16mm film. Half-hour remake of The Colonel's Lady starring Louise Fletcher.

Up at the Villa. USA Films 2000. Directed by Philip Haas. Starring Kristin Scott-Thomas, James Fox, Anne Bancroft
and Sean Penn


Sadie Thompson, 1928.
Colour reproduction poster for the United Artists movie starring Gloria Swanson.
Colour reproduction lobby card featuring Gloria Swanson.
Three production stills featuring Gloria Swanson, Raoul Walsh and Lionel Barrymore.

The Letter, 1929.
Program for the Paramount movie starring Jeanne Eagels as Leslie Crosbie, in a reprise of her successful stage role.
Capitol Theatre April 1929. Also featuring Herbert Marshal as Townsend, Leslie's lover. Contains a biography of Eagels.

Rain, 1932.
Three full colour lobby cards featuring Joan Crawford and Walter Huston.
Colour reproduction lobby card featuring Joan Crawford.
Publicity photograph of Joan Crawford as Sadie Thompson.
Silver Screen magazine, September 1932. Front cover portrait of Joan Crawford as Sadie Thompson painted by
John Rolston Clarke. Contains a feature story about the film shoot on Catalina Island.

The Painted Veil, 1934.
Colour reproduction lobby card of Greta Garbo and George Brent.
Colour reproduction lobby card of Greta Garbo.
Picturegoer's Famous Films Supplement, U.K. 1934. 16 page magazine supplement featuring articles, synopsis,
interviews and stills from the movie.

Of Human Bondage, 1934.
Colour reproduction poster.
Black and white copy of poster artwork.
Two colour reproduction lobby cards.
Two production stills.

The Tenth Man, 1936.
Colour flyer, 11x17, from Kinematograph Weekly. Directed by Brian Desmond-Hurst, featuring John Lodge and Antoinette Cellier.
Produced by Associated British Pathe and Wardour Films.

The Vessel of Wrath (retitled from the American release The Beachcomber), 1936.
Full-page (11"x15") from the U.K. trade publication, Kinematograph Weekly, illustrating publicity materials for the film
and featuring images of Charles Laughton

The Letter, 1940. With Bette Davis as Leslie Crosbie. Herbert Marshal switches roles to play Leslie's husband.
Black and white reproduction of poster artwork.
Colour reproduction of one sheet poster.
Colour reproduction of lobby card.
Full-page advertisement, black and white illustration of Bette Davis with a smoking gun.
Seven black and white production stills.
Color reproduction of the Belgian movie poster.

The Moon and Sixpence, 1942.
Full-page magazine ad for the movie starring George Sanders.

Christmas Holiday, 1944.
Full-page Life magazine ad featuring Gene Kelly and Deanna Durbin

The Hour Before The Dawn, 1944.
Exhibitors Campaign Book. Contains ads, posters, promotions, photos, stories etc. to promote the movie.

The Razor's Edge, 1946.
Mimeographed copy of the film script by Lamar Trotti. 7th Revised - Shooting Final. March 22, 1946.
Three black and white production stills.
Full-page colour ad featuring Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney embracing.
Full-page colour ad from This Week Magazine featuring Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney.
Sheet music for the song "Mam'selle" featured in the 1946 movie with photographs of the actors.
English version of the above music sheet with different colors and design.
Australian version of the above music sheet with photos of Gene Tierney and Frank Sinatra.

Of Human Bondage, 1946. Starring Paul Heinreid and Eleanor Parker.
One sheet poster.
Two full-colour lobby cards.
5 Black and white production stills.

Quartet, 1948.
Production still featuring Mai Zetterling and Jack Watling as Jeanne and Nicky from "The Facts of Life."
Production still featuring Cecil Parker as the "Colonel" from "The Colonel's Lady."
Lobby card featuring Cecil Parker and Linden Travers (the Colonel's girlfriend, Daphne).
German program, four pages with photographs and cast lists.

Too Many Husbands, 1950.
Lobby card for the film version of The Constant Wife. Directed by Wesley Ruggles and starring Fred McMurray and
Jean Arthur

Trio 1950.
Program for the Philadelphia premiere of the film "Trio" at the Trans-Lux Theatre, 1950. With complete cast and credits.
One sheet poster

Encore, 1952.
Black and white production still featuring Glynis Johns in "Gigolo and Gigolette"

Miss Sadie Thompson, 1953.
Three sheet poster featuring Rita Hayworth and Aldo Ray.
One sheet poster featuring Rita Hayworth.
Full-colour lobby card featuring Rita Hayworth.
Two production stills featuring Rita Hayworth.
Movie program for the Danish release of "Miss Sadie Thompson" titled "Regn" (Rain) featuring Rita Hayworth.
La Mujer de Satanas. Full color Mexican lobby card featuring Rita Hayworth and Aldo Ray.
Song Magazine. Front cover featuring Rita Hayworth and inside spread of movie stills.
78 rpm Mercury record of "Sadie Thompson's Song" by Richard Hayman.
Music sheet for "Sadie Thompson's Song", featuring illustration of Rita Hayworth as Sadie.
Colour postcard of Rita Hayworth as Sadie Thompson.

End of the Flight, June 22, 1954.
Original script for the Henry Fonda "The Star and the Story" television series. Starring Edmund O'Brien and Dick Paxton

The Beachcomber, 1955.
One sheet poster for the J. Arthur Rank film starring Glynis Johns, Robert Newton and Donald Sinden,
directed by Muriel Box.
Another one sheet poster with a different design, probably for the American release.
Complete set of 8 full colour lobby cards featuring the above actors.

The Moon and Sixpence, 1955.
Black and white production photograph of Sir Lawrence Olivier and Jessica Tandy from the NBC Television production.

The Seventh Sin, 1957. (Based on The Painted Veil). MGM film directed by Ronald Neame. Starring Eleanor Parker,
Bill Travers and George Sanders.
Three sheet poster with an illustration of Parker and Travers.
One sheet poster with a photo of Parker and Travers.
Complete set of 8 lobby cards featuring photos of Parker, Travers and Sanders.
Five black and white production stills.
One full-colour production still.
Exhibitors Campaign Book. Contains ads, posters, promotions, photos, etc. to promote the movie.

Of Human Bondage, 1964.
Exhibitors Campaign Book. Contains ads, posters, promotions, photos, stories etc. to promote the movie.
Three sheet poster featuring Kim Novak.
One sheet poster featuring Kim Novak.
Lobby card showing Kim Novak and Jack Hedley.
Lobby card showing Kim Novak, Laurence Harvey and Bryan Forbes.
Seven black and white production stills featuring various cast members.
MGM soundtrack album featuring Kim Novak on the cover.
Photoplay Magazine 1964. Storification of the film script with photos.

The Letter, 1981.
Original shooting script for the Warner Bros. Television production. Adapted by Lawrence B. Marcus.
Starring Lee Remick and Ian McShane.

The Razor's Edge, 1983.
Copy of the film script co-authored by John Byrum and Bill Murray.
Eight full-colour lobby cards featuring scenes from the movie.
Sountrack album.

Of Human Bondage, 1996.
Screenplay for Turner Pictures by Andrew Kevin Walker, dated October 11, 1996.

Up At The Villa, 2000.
One sheet poster for the USA Films movie directed by Philip Haas and starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Sean Penn,
Ann Bancroft and James Fox.
6 full-colour postcards showing scenes from the movie.
Press kit with 10 production photos and 33 pages of cast and production information.
Promotional items engraved with the movie title including a set of wine glasses, fountain pen, pill box, notebook,
and book marker.