Spectacle case
Memento given by secretary/companion Alan Searle to Maugham's long time friend George Cukor after the author's death.
Red silk with oriental flower pattern. Attached is Searle's autograph note on the verso of Cukor's card "This spectacle case was
used constantly by Somerset Maugham for the last seven years of his life, and the last words he ever wrote are on the inside flap.
Alan Searle. 2nd Oct: 1966" in a labeled envelope of George Cukor's stationery.

Cigarette card "A unique piece of Maughamiana..." R Toole Stott, appendix V8
Photo-illustration of the author on the front with facsimile signature. On the back, a brief description of his career and writings,
and the following caption:
Famous British Authors. A Series of 40.
22. W. Somerset Maugham.
W.D.& H.O. Wills (c. 1933)

Complete set of all 40 authors.

Pencil sketches of Maugham's head from different angles, dated May 16, 1941. Possibly by American sculptor Laurence Tompkins.
Maugham sat for him in May, 1941. (See "Mr. Tompkin's Sitter" The New Yorker, 7 June 1941. Stott D133 and Morgan p. 457 and
photo 35, chapter 8).

The Ant and the Grasshopper
One-off hand made book, Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts 1966, Victoria, Australia
Green textured paper-covered boards, printed in black and gold foil stamped. Linocut illustrations.
Designed by Linda Rogers, being her second project in typography. Diploma in Art and Design 1966.

The Poet
One-off hand-made book, Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts 1966, Victoria, Australia
Brown textured paper-covered boards, printed in black and gold. Decorative endpapers. Linocut illustrations.
Designed by Sally Layfield, being her second project in typography. Diploma in Art and Design Course, 1966.

The Happy Man
One-off hand-made book, Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts 1966, Victoria, Australia
Ochre laid paper covered-boards, printed in black. Pen and ink illustrations.
Designed by Hazel Pitman, being her second project in typography. Diploma in Art and Design Course, 1966.

How to Write a Novel! After W.S. Maugham. By "Oliver Haddo" (Aleister Crowley)
Mandrake Press 1993. 24 page booklet. Crowley seeks revenge for Maugham's portrait of him in "The Magician" by accusing
him of plagiarism and showing examples from various books to prove his case.
Reprinted from Vanity Fair, December 30, 1908.

Personal check
From Paul H. North Jr. to Mr. W. Somerset Maugham. To cover return postage of signed books.
Signed by Maugham on the back, W. S. Maugham.

Brass medallion with image of Maugham based on the famous Karsh portrait. W. Somerset Maugham lettered around
the circumference.

Pago Pago Postcard
Black and white photograph of trading post/rooming house at Tutuila, Pago Pago, where Maugham and a certain
Miss Thompson, a prostitute fleeing a warrant in Honolulu, stayed briefly in December 1916. With the caption "Pago Pago,
Samoa. Saddie Thompson [sic] originated here." The building is exactly as described by Maugham in his short story,
Miss Thompson (Rain), "It was a frame house of two storeys, with broad verandahs on both floors and a roof of
corrugated iron." The Trembling of a Leaf, p. 250.

The Husband of Poverty. A Drama of the Life of Francis of Assisi. By Henry Neville Maugham.
First edition, London: Elliot Stock, 1896. One of W. S. Maugham's older brothers, he committed suicide in 1904.

Four postcards.
Three photographs of Maugham and Graham Sutherland's painting


Exhibition announcement
Exhibition of first editions, manuscripts, letters and memorabilia.
House of Books, New York, January 25-February 18 1950.

Publishers announcement
For the Bertram Rota edition of Stotts bibliography.

Exhibition announcement
William Somerset Maugham. To honour his 80th birthday: An exhibition of Manuscripts & First Editions,
January 27th-February 2nd (1954), at The Times Bookshop.
Most of the exhibits came from the Toole Stott Collection.
Attached is a carbon copy of a letter to Stott from a collector pointing out some discrepancies in his copy of Maughamiana.

Pamphlet. Remembering Mr. Maugham
University of Southern California, Friends of the Libraries. April 14 1966.
A conversation with Ruth Gordon, Clare Booth Luce, George Cukor, Garson Kanin and Aerol Arnold.

Letter from Singapore
The Associates of the Stanford University Libraries & The Department of Special Collections.
A talk by biographer Ted Morgan at the Maugham Exhibit, October 7, 1979.

Exhibition announcement/Reception invitation
The Collectors' W. Somerset Maugham, Books, Manuscripts and Other Material from the Collection of Frances and Loren Rothschild.
Clark Library, Los Angeles, Wednesday, May 3, 2000, 5:00 p.m.

Reception invitation
A reception celebrating the publication of William Somerset Maugham, A bibliographical Catalogue of the Loren and Frances
Rothschild William Somerset Maugham Collection. Heritage Book Shop, Inc., 2 May 2001, 7:00-9:00 p.m.


Portrait and Note
Black and white photoprint of portrait painting by Sir Gerald Kelly RA. Matted and framed with a note written on a free end paper
removed from a book "For my precious Guilia from her friend the author with great affection. W. Somerset Maugham."

Portrait and Note
Black and white photoprint of portrait painting by Gerald Kelly of Maugham at eighty, signed, "W. Somerset Maugham"

Original black and white print of Maugham in profile, 4x6 in., pencil note on the back "Photo taken on his 80th birthday" signed,
inscribed on the front "For Freddie Richards W. Somerset Maugham"

Original black and white print by George Platt Lynes. Maugham seated, 8x10 in., signed, "W. Somerset Maugham" mounted on
board with additional inscription cut from a letter "Yours Always W. S. Maugham"

Copy of black and white print by Karsh of Ottowa. Maugham seated, 8x10 in.,
note card laid in signed, inscribed "W. Somerset Maugham, thanking you kindly"

Litho reproduction of portrait by Karsh of Ottowa

Magazine photograph
Full page black and white photo by Cecil Beaton from Vanity Fair with a short, somewhat acerbic blurb about Maugham and his work.

Black and white portrait taken in 1944, with a typewritten press release:
writing directly for the screen, W. Somerset Maugham yesterday yielded for the first time and concluded a deal with
David O. Selznick Productions to write an original screen play in Hollywood, to be based on a story idea of Selznick's.
He has refused offers from almost every major studio during his notable career as novelist and playwright."
If the author of this blurb is referring to The Razor's Edge, it was obviously not Seznick's story idea and if he is referring to
The Hour Before the Dawn, it was suggested to Maugham by the British Ministry of Information as a WWII propaganda piece.

Black and white portrait, mounted and framed with a letter to a Mr. Gunnell

Three amateur photographs of Maugham, one signed by Maugham and one with Alan Searle, dated 1935.
Maugham and Searle in the very early days of their friendship. The location appears to be the back of a London
house -- perhaps that of Searle's parents.

Triptych of candid photographs of Maugham taken in San Francisco, March 11, 1936

Maugham sitting for American sculptor Laurence Tompkins. Maugham sat for him in May, 1941. (See "Mr. Tompkin's Sitter" The New Yorker, 7 June 1941. Stott D133. Also, Morgan's biography p. 457 and photo 35, chapter 8. Also see above Miscellaneous: Sketches).

Study by Howard Coster from the early 1930s

Candid portrait of Maugham at 90


Long Playing Record
Columbia Literary Series 1953, with the book describing the series.
Maugham reading The Three Fat Women of Antibes and Gigolo and Gigolette.

Long Playing Record
Libraphone "Talking Books" 1960
John Brewster reading The Ant and the Grasshopper, Footprints in the Jungle and The Letter.

Long Playing Record
Caedmon 1981
Alan Howard reading The Lotus Eater.

Ten by Maugham
Ten CD set containing twenty short stories read by various British actors resident in Los Angeles.
KCRW Radio 1999.

Ethel Barrymore Birthday Greeting Broadcast. Original acetate disc.
Ethel Barrymore Radio Tribute produced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1949. Happy Birthday greetings
from President Harry S. Truman, Clark Gable, Celeste Holm, John Barrymore Jr., Van Johnson, Gladys Cooper, Deborah Kerr,
Lena Horne, Barbara Stanwyck, Judy Garland, Ronald Colman, Gregory Peck, Katherine Cornell, Gloria Swanson, David Niven,
Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers, Joan Crawford.....and more. Some stars are called upon to give little speeches about
Ethel, and they include W. Somerset Maugham, Tallulah Bankhead, Herbert Hoover, Lionel Barrymore and Katherine Hepburn.
And modest Ethel says a few words too, at the very end. Ethel Barrymore appeared in the first production of The Constant Wife
and Maugham dedicated the play to her.

Cassette tape recording of BBC Radio broadcast
Sir Ralph Richardson reading The Colonel's Lady.

Cassette tape recordings. Books on Tape, Inc.
Cakes and Ale read by Erik Bauersfeld. 1980.
Up at the Villa read by Erik Bauersfeld. 1980.
The Narrow Corner read by Erik Bauersfeld
The Hero read by Jill Masters. 1985
The Explorer read by Jill Masters. 1985
The Merry-Go-Round
The Bishop's Apron read by Gary Martin
The Making of a Saint read by Octavius Black

Cassette tape recordings. Brilliance Audio
The Razor's Edge

Cassette tape recordings. Recorded Books
Catalina read by Davina Porter


Seventy. Catalogue of The House of El Dieff, 1970. Description and photograph of Lew David Feldman's collection of
Maugham first editions and fifteen portraits by Gerald Kelly.

W. Somerset Maugham. Book & Magazine Collector N0. 9, November 1984.
A brief biography by Lew Thomas with a UK bibliography and price guide

The George Cukor Collection. George Houle, Los Angeles, 1996

The Early Novels of W. Somerset Maugham. Book & Magazine Collector N0. 58, January 1989.
Seven-page article on Maugham's early works with a few illustrations.

Somerset Maugham. Book & Magazine Collector No. 195, June 2000.
Ten-page profile by Crispin Jackson with a UK bibliography and price guide.

The Hans Thrap-Olsen Collection of W. Somerset Maugham. Doyle Galleries auction catalogue, November 1998

William Somerset Maugham. Firsts magazine. March 1999. Bibliography and biography compiled by Henry Toledano.
Illustrated with photographs of some pieces from the Norman Moore Collection. Quite informative on the subject of
dustjackets but with a few important editions missing from the bibliography and a couple of errors in the biography.

W. Somerset Maugham. A Bibliographic Study.
Catalogue of the Frederick W. Frost Collection at the Cushing Library, Texas A&M University, 1982. (Unpublished)
Compiled by Mary Lee Archer as her Ph.D. dissertation.

The Norman Unger Collection of W. Somerset Maugham. Christies auction catalogue, 12 April 2000.